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Choose telephone verified, targeted telemarketing data lists to increase your telemarketing campaign success

Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing is still relevant for lead generation in the B2B marketing mix.

Despite the fact that we live in a digital world that's full of content marketing and social media, telemarketing can be used very successfully in conjuction with these new marketing channels and increase their lead generation potential. B2B Marketing Magazine highlights in their annual telemarketing survey that telemarketing is the perfect channel for “researching and profiling organisations, engaging with contacts found on social media platforms to generate marketing qualified leads, to follow up on digital events or content downloads and to nurture leads.”

Accurate business data - the start of any successful telemarketing campaign
The key to a successful telemarketing campaigns lies in accurate, up to date business data lists which can be checked against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) register to accurately remove any contacts that don’t want to receive marketing calls.  Accurate data will ensure you speak with the right contact and reduce wasted time on sales calls you can’t convert.

At Market Location we are the leading supplier of business telemarketing contact lists for lead generation.  We hold telephone verified information on literally thousands of industry types which you can target to raise awareness of your business with your specific target audience and generate sales.

Build your perfect telemarketing prospect list
Market Location has a B2B database of 2 million verified business contacts, including senior decision makers. You can select the data to best meet your specific business needs and create your perfect prospect list. This ensures you don’t waste time calling the wrong businesses.

What makes our telemarketing data superior?
We are a data owner which means we actually generate our business data from scratch, calling businesses directly from our 70 seat, UK based call centre - checking, updating and maintaining their details. Furthermore, our call centre staff are pay-graded and incentivised by measures of accuracy rather than volume, and additionally the data is continually subjected to rigorous background accuracy checks.

Integrate telemarketing and direct mail for even better sales results
Remember, telemarketing is just one marketing tool. For best sales conversions, you should integrate telemarketing with other marketing channels, like direct mail.  By doing this, the recipient is already aware of your business and your offer and your phone call is already 'warm'.  If you carry out an integrated campaign, you should make calls within five working days of sending out your direct mail piece, otherwise any benefits are likely to be significantly reduced.

In summary, there are many benefits to telemarketing and any company not employing it as a sales tool would strongly benefit from bringing it into the mix.

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