Fastest Growing Companies

Get alerted to businesses expanding quickly in your area.

Fastest Growing Companies is a valuable, insightful lead generation service from Market Location which alerts you to businesses that are experiencing rapid growth.  This data enables you to get ahead of your competitors by marketing to those companies that are experiencing a period of growth and therefore are likely to be looking for new products and suppliers to support them.

Fastest Growing Companies

How do we identify Fastest Growing Companies leads?

Businesses that are growing are identified by examining employee growth between the last two database verification calls made by our UK call centre.  Only businesses that have grown their employee numbers by 20% to 300% are included.  Every business will have been verified by our call centre within the last month.

Successful businesses with a record of high growth offer an excellent marketing opportunity as they are in a period of evolution and are likely to be requiring new or upgraded services and suppliers to support them.

A strictly limited availability service, to give you maximum competitive advantage.
Fastest Growing Businesses is a strictly limited availability data service.  This means that we manage how many businesses in an industry are able to purchase the service in a particular postcode or regional area.  The result of limiting the service in this way is to ensure that you have the advantage over your local competitors. Limiting the availability also ensures you are not going to have lots of businesses or competitors using the data, exhausting it and ultimately making it less responsive.

Why you can be confident our business data is best in class.
Market Location is one of only two data owners in the UK. The fastest growing B2B companies give us their details to appear in our online directories and we make 10,000 connected calls every day to verify our database records are up to date. Our 70 seat call centre is also pay graded to encourage best practice and accuracy.

Quite simply, no other UK B2B business data provider invests as much time, money or resource to maintain the highest standards of data quality.

Every Fastest Growing Companies data record will give you...

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Contact name and job title
  • Business type
  • Website address (where available)
  • Number of employees
  • TPS/CTPS Indicator

We will supply you with access to the data by email and secure login, giving you everything you need to know about the business to make contact with the key decision maker and introduce your business.

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