Businesses on the Move

Businesses on the Move - Premium B2B Lead Service

Businesses on the Move is a highly valuable B2B lead service designed to alert you to businesses who have confirmed their intention to move to new premises over the next 12 months, all within the areas you operate. These moving businesses are in a critical period of evolution and will need new local suppliers to support them – presenting you with the perfect opportunity to introduce your business to them, ahead of your local competitors.

Businesses On The Move

How do we source details of moving businesses?

We independently verify and collect business data in-house using our call centre based in Sutton Coldfield, making over 10,000 connected calls every day.  As part of our verification calls we ask all every business record if they are intending to move premises within the next 12 months.  If they confirm they are, we then pinpoint how soon the move is likely to take place:

  • 0 to 3 months – looking for services more or less straight away.
  • 3 to 6 months – in a prime position to start planning ahead.
  • 6 to 12 months – our research shows that some of these businesses are likely to bring their move forward.

These premium business leads represent the best possible time that you could introduce yourself to a business, as they are likely to be in the market for new services and suppliers to support their move.

Choose which areas you want to subscribe to – for a personalised lead service.
Business on the Move are delivered securely to you on a monthly basis.  All you have to do is decide the geographic areas you want to receive leads for – using postcode areas, regions or the entire coverage of the UK.  This selection will be determined by the areas your business already covers and which areas you want to expand into.  Our team of experts are ready to give guidance on this to ensure the best possible service to meet your individual needs.

Only available on a strictly limited basis
This service is only available to a tiny fraction of any industry in any area, so you have the reassurance of knowing that you are not going to have lots of businesses or competitors dipping in and out of the data saturating it, which would make it less responsive for you.

We’ll give you everything you need to know about the business including: 

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Contact name and job title
  • Business type
  • Website address (where available)
  • Estimated move time

How to generate a positive return from these leads
Businesses on the Move data is ideal for targeted direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns so you can proactively generate incoming enquiries for your business. We’ve found over the years that the customers that get the best return from our data will send a letter and follow it up with a telephone call to introduce themselves. Combining both marketing methods helps increase the response and maximises return on investment.

Plus with Businesses on the Move data, our customers have even had the unique opportunity to secure business from not only the businesses that are moving on, but also potentially the businesses moving into the properties they are leaving behind!

See what our customers say:
“The service gives us the perfect way of having the fastest possible alerts to all the new arrivals in the areas we cover. Without this information being fed to us I can honestly say that we would have missed out on several key valuable contracts over the last few months.

The first client more than covered our costs for the entire year and we would definitely recommend other companies use the service to help grow their client base.” 
Kevin McKenzie, Director, Klean Team

Special Offer: Sign up and receive 2 months of recent movers’ data free
To help you get a really fast start to your marketing we will give you 2 months of recent movers data in your area free when you subscribe to Businesses on the Move. This data is compiled of the last two months of Businesses on the Move data, so it contains businesses that are still in their critical evolutionary period.To enquire about Businesses on the Move and secure your free data on subscription, please contact us using the form to the right.

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