Targeting & Segmentation

Data Segmentation and Targeting

Uncover new markets and generate more revenue by improving your database targeting and segmentation.

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Uncover your best target markets

Have you considered that you might be missing out on valuable customer segments and new target markets, simply because you don’t have a comprehensive and complete view of the full characteristics of your best customers?

A properly segmented business database can improve your marketing results by enabling you to uncover your best target markets and deliver targeted messages to the specific audiences.  The outcome will mean higher response rates from your marketing campaigns, enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.

How to properly segment your database

1. Cleanse your business data
It is impossible to properly segment your business database correctly if your records contain inaccuracies. In order to get an assessment of your data quality and correct any issues, engage a data cleansing specialist such as Market Location to compare your data records against correctly verified information, identify gaps or issues and provide details for improvement.

Cleansing your data will remove duplicate records, improve uniformity and eliminate fake details, such as bogus email addresses.

2. Enhance your data
Once you have corrected any issues with the information you hold on your customers and prospects, you can enhance the information you have by appending additional information to complete and therefore improve each record.  Market Location have data enhancement tools that enable you to segment your customers at a more granular level to deliver greater insight.

3. Segment your customers
Now that you have accurate, complete customer data you can build an accurate profile of your best customers and use their characteristics to identify other businesses that look just like them, making them ideal prospects. You can also look for businesses that have some characteristics in common as they may prove to be valuable new target markets.

How can Market Location help?
With over 40 years' experience in the industry as a data owner, Market Location have the expertise, the bespoke software pluse the verified business data needed to properly cleanse, enhance and segment your database.

Our data experts are on hand to advise you and deliver the results you need to maximise your business opportunities. Please contact us using the form opposite to find out more.