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Data Profiling and Data Analytics

By analysing and profiling your customers, Market Location can report on which are the most profitable, and find more just like them.

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Business Data Profiling and Analysis

Market Location clients find our Profiling and Analysis data solutions invaluable for a variety of business purposes including territory planning, sales force allocation and marketing strategy.

By profiling and analysing your existing database, we can uncover your best customers and their key characteristics. This will enable you to focus your efforts on them, and businesses that look like them, reducing wasted resource and marketing costs in the process.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Provides you with the ability to focus exclusively on the most profitable segments of your database
  • Enables you to allocate resources in a planned manner, concentrating only on customers and prospects whose profiles match your best customers
  • Improves planning and communication by enhancing how you schedule marketing activity so you speak to the right people, in the right 'tone of voice', at the right time.
In order to demonstrate how this works, let us consider an actual client example:
One of Market Location's larger clients (let's call them Client X) has multiple brands and their data comes from a variety of sources, each provided in a different format sourced from multiple systems. This makes formulating a coherent picture of all customers and prospects, suitable for extracting genuine insight, extremely difficult – if not impossible.

By standardising, cleansing and enhancing the various sources of data, Market Location were able to effectively create a single view and then provide analysis to identify the key characteristics of Client X's best customers, eg. those businesses that had the highest propensity to purchase.  From this they were able to develop a detailed profile of what a “great” prospect “looks like”, in other words who provided the most attractive prospects to target their marketing effort.

For the first time Client X have a complete view of their customers and a solid foundation for their marketing, sales and customer relationship management strategy.

Identify hot new prospects
Market Location have the ability to identifying a business' best customers and then match these with other similar profiled businesses that look just like them. Using propensity modelling they can also identify and supply similar businesses which may not match your immediate customer profile however based on our expertise and analysis techniques, we can score them as having a propensity to be viable prospects for your products and services.

This will give you a fresh supply of hot new prospects to target which you may not have immediately targeted previously.

Our data experts are on hand to advise you and deliver the results you need to maximise your business opportunities. Please contact us using the form opposite to find out more.

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