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Improve your database with expert data cleansing and matching services from Market Location. Clean and accurate information on your customers and prospects is the foundation for solid business decision making.

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Did you know that over 177,000 UK businesses have either ceased trading or closed their location in the last 12 months?*

How many of these businesses are in your database, costing you money on wasted contact - bounced emails or wasted phone calls?  Hostile reactions from prospects receiving misdirected communications doesn't just lead to demotivated and ineffective sales staff, there is also the added risk of damaging the reputation of your business over time.

You can ensure the effort and expense that you invest in your company brand, your promotional material and your sales teams are supported by up-to-date and reliable information simply by regularly cleansing your data.
*based on the number of businesses Market Location have removed from their database in the last 12 months.

Why is it important to regularly cleanse your data?
When you are making decisions on how to develop your business, having accurate customer and prospect information is essential, otherwise you won’t be basing your decisions on solid foundations.  For example, how can you profile your customers in order to establish who your best prospects would be, if the customer information you hold is out of date?

The many benefits of cleansing your data 
Clean, accurate customer and prospect data is essential for any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and also delivers a diverse range of benefits;

  • Confidence that you are complying with the Data Protection Act
  • Reduced mailing wastage and mailing costs
  • Reduced customer distress and improved brand image
  • Improved match rates when appending additional intelligence to your database
  • Improved marketing response rates
  • Happier and more effective sales team

What’s involved in cleansing your data with Market Location?
For some businesses a one-off cleanse of customer and prospect data, on a regular basis, will suffice.  However, for larger more complex companies there is likely to be the need for ongoing, robust cleansing – and at Market Location we see every business requirement as unique and with its own set of challenges.

We don’t offer ‘out of the box’ solutions, but we don’t charge consultancy rates either – and with over 40 years' experience in this area there is no company better placed to provide the confidence that you need to ensure your database is accurate and therefore in prime condition for any decisions you make.

We use a variety of data processing techniques and bespoke tools to match your business data to our market leading, telephone verified database. Once the matching process has taken place we are able to identify inaccuracies, cleanse and update your data files to improve the quality and accuracy of your individual data records.

Our team of data experts are on hand to make this process easy to understand and simple to execute so you have nothing to focus on other than how to make the best use of your newly cleansed data.

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