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Gain a greater understanding of your customers and prospects by appending additional characteristics and increase your revenue opportunities.

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Data appending and enhancing

Once you have cleansed and standardised your data records you may discover that there are gaps in the information you hold, that some important fields that would be useful for marketing or fulfilment purposes are missing.

The simple solution to this issue is to append the information you require from a source that have a reputation for excellence and expertise in the business information environment - Market Location. By doing this you can start to enhance your business data for targeted marketing and analytical purposes.

Data appending and enhancing is a delicate process which must be undertaken correctly to avoid appending mistakes and reverting back to data inaccuracy. With over 40 years' experience in helping businesses like to clean and enhance their data, Market Location have the tools and expertise required to undertake this important process for any size of business.

The benefits of enhancing your data
By appending and enhancing your data records with additional information you will suddenly be able to accurately;

  • Define the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers
  • Anticipate likely future behaviours and buying habits of customers and prospects
  • Identify prospects that “look like” your best customers to identify new sales opportunities
  • Improve your targeted marketing communications resulting in increased engagement, enquiries and positive sales conversations

Quite simply, we can make your existing data work harder for you and deliver you more revenue.

What kinds of characteristics can we append for you?
When it comes to your business data, the more you know about your customers and prospects the better. Using our market-leading, telephone verified business database we can append valuable information for you such as;

  • Names and addresses
  • Decision maker details
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • SIC codes
  • Number of employees
  • Financial information

Enriching your data with data appending and enhancement services from Market Location is the most effective way to fill any gaps you have, quickly and cost effectively.

Our data experts are on hand to make the process simple and rewarding for your business. Please contact us using the form opposite for a data enhancement consultation and pricing details.

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