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Choose from our varied selection of email designs, ready for your content to promote your business and deliver you clicks. Designing and coding an email creative is a specialised job. If you don't have the experience or expertise in-house, let us do it for you. All our templates are very cost effective and designed to deliver leads.

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Sourcing good quality email data is only part of the picture when it comes to getting the best response from your email campaign. You must also have an eye-catching HTML email design with a strong message to prompt action.

Most businesses don’t have the necessary skills to complete email design effectively in-house, so it pays to outsource this to an email design expert such as Market Location and make sure your marketing investment works as hard as it can for you.

All our cost effective email designs have been put together with b2b marketing in mind. They are device responsive meaning the email will display well wherever they are opened - on a tablet, mobile or desktop. Click through our gallery to view them all.

Content for your email design
Our email designs are ready and waiting for your content to make them bespoke for your business.

Not done this before? Here are some tips to help you:

  • Getting your email content right is vital for campaign success and you should spend considerable time making sure you achieve this. Think about your target audience and write your message to appeal specifically to them. If possible, include personalised elements in the copy like their name, company name or location. A personalised email campaign should elicit a higher response.
  • We recommend sticking to one key message per email creative, so that it is clear to your recipients what you are trying to communicate. Copy should always be short and allow for quick scanning of key messages. You only have a few seconds for your email to grab the recipients attention before they decide whether or not to delete your message. Don’t use long paragraphs of text and use bulleted lists to pull out key points.
  • By being clear and succinct in your copy and including prominent “Call to Action” messages (what you want the recipient to do next), your recipients will be more likely to respond and take the appropriate action. The main aim of your email campaign should be to drive traffic to a specific web page so you don’t need to include everything in your email - just enough to get your recipients clicking.
Have a look at our email template designs in the Gallery below and contact us for more information.

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