Automated Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

Automate your B2B Email Marketing campaigns and send targeted messages to individual prospect groups to further increase your leads. Well timed email communication based on how your prospects respond to your initial message can further enhance your email marketing results.

Automated Email Marketing

Our email marketing software makes sending automated email marketing messages simple, and you will reap the rewards of increased engagement and response.

How does automated email marketing work?
Every time you broadcast an email, your prospects will fall into one of four segments:

  • Responders – enquiries for you to follow up
  • Clickers – clicked but did not enquire
  • Openers – opened but did not click
  • Non responders – did not even open.

By creating four targeted email templates, designed to engage each segment individually, we can then schedule the emails to send automatically to the relevant prospects groups as they are formed.

Not sure how this would work for you? Your first campaign could be designed simply to generate enquiries (leads). A portion of your target audience will respond, but an even larger portion won’t.
For the prospects that open and click, but don’t enquire, you could send them an automated follow-up email to give them access to a free PDF download, which talks more about the benefits of your service to their business.

For the prospects that don’t respond to your second email message (the free PDF download), you can create an entirely different message, which would be automatically sent for you by our software.
By targeting prospects that open your message but don’t respond initially, you will dramatically increase your open rate and ultimately generate more enquiries for your business.

Flexible pricing options to suit you…
For an accurate quote based on your specific campaign requirements please contact us.

Our email marketing experts are on hand now to help you understand your target market and see how many emails we hold that match your criteria. Contact us today.

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