Cameron Water Coolers

Cameron Water Coolers Bellshill, ML4 3LE
Just a letter to say how delighted we have been with New Connections from Market Location. We have only been using the service for two months and have already more than covered our costs for the entire year and are consistently winning good levels of business from the leads we receive. Like any business, I am always sceptical of spending money on any new marketing. However the Market Location data has enabled us to win business well before any of our competitors are aware of them! The data is easy to use, reliable and accurate, unlike most other data sources available which tend to be riddled with errors and spelling mistakes. My advice to other customers would be: as long as you have time to make sure you are following up the leads that the data gives you, then go for it – we’re glad we did, and the limited availability means that the data will always be productive. Also I’d advise following up the data quickly to get the very best response levels. A professional organisation whose focus on customer care is paramount for us. Market Location has delivered on all accounts. Their technical advice and guidance is given to ensure that it’s their customer who can evidence the savings. A close working relationship has been established between Cameron Water and Market Location. This has led to a very successful, smooth running contract. I would not hesitate in recommending this company. Katie Cherry (General Manager)
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