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Data Solutions Case Study

PHS Group, one of the leading UK’s leading providers of workplace services, has been working in partnership with Market Location since 2009. With the initial scope of work focused on the matching, enhancement and refreshment of PHS customer and prospect data sets, the remit soon expanded to cover improved data integrity and accuracy.

PHS Group Case Study

About PHS Group

As the partnership developed, Market Location were able to demonstrate the ability to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that produced significant cost savings and tangible benefits to PHS marketing activities. “Today, the PHS Group provides services to over 200,000 customers at more than 450,000 locations nationwide.” said the PHS Data Control Manager

The Challenge and Solution

“With many of these customers trading with more than one of our 15 well known brands, our data landscape, as you can imagine, is quite complicated. In 2011 we embarked upon our single customer view project called ‘Columbus’. Market Location have been pivotal in supporting this initiative, and with it have provided a core stable project team, with little in the way of personnel changes, allowing some great working relationships to be formed. By taking a selection of cross system customer files and performing a complex matching routine, Market Location  are able to produce a set of output files that allows us to roll up multi site or multi divisional customers into a single top line view. This helps us identify cross divisional relationships and also opportunities within our existing customer base. The Market Location team that support us are extremely approachable and accommodating and have a good knowledge of our data landscape and subsequent requirements. We have an ongoing joint focus on improving metrics such as match rate, the amount of our data that Market Location can match to their business universe, and population of key segmentation criteria such as Sector and Employee Size. This allows us to identify the better performing areas for each of our divisions and develop a bespoke fit for purpose strategy for each.”

The Results

“Our own in-house tele-appointing teams tell me that they are very happy with the quality of data the above processes allow us to provide, commenting that the Market Location data is the best they have ever had to work with when compared to previous data cleansing and enhancement partners. Finally, since the start of our contract, our partnership has already achieved significant targets and continues to deliver significant results.”

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