Data Solutions Case Study

Latest Market Location Success!

N-Power select Market Location to provide their data solutions – adding to Market Location’s significant and highly successful client base

npower case study
After a rigorous tender process that spanned 3 months, Market Location are proud to announce that they are the successful B2B data supplier to NPower. Leading the team that worked on the RFQ, Matthew Bruce commented: “It was a challenging process but one that my team are well versed in and I’m very proud to announce the success of our bid.  We have the UK’s leading B2B database in terms of quality and accuracy and we are combining this with analysis and data management services – all of which provide NPower with an unbeatable suite of solutions.” Matthew added, “It wasn’t just the data capabilities though, when these were combined with our customer service and operational capability I think it’s fair to say that Market Location stood head and shoulders above the other suppliers!” Dharmesh Patel of NPower also commented: ‘’ Market Location presented their solution really well and their knowledge really came across, we were specifically impressed with the amount of work which was done on GDPR and we hope that we can tap into the knowledge base throughout the term of the contract. The team are very personable and we are confident in their ability to support the account.’’ This contract between NPower and Market Location provides another client to endorse the expertise of Market Location’s services through every aspect of the business – from the products and services right through to the operational support.