Top Tips for Buying Business Data

Buying Business Data If you are considering buying business data or B2B data for direct marketing, telemarketing or email marketing, here are some top tips to consider to make sure you get the best quality data possible: Who do you want to talk to? ​With the range of data that is now available, it is essential that you identify your target audience. A message delivered to a prospect or customer who has no interest in the content is a waste of time and provides no return on investment. How clean is the data? The last thing you want is to buy a B2B data list that contains incorrect or out of date business details. At Market Location, we pride ourselves on the quality of our data. Our business contacts have all been verified by our UK call centre to ensure the details we hold are up to date and accurate. Know your customer How will your customer best engage with your message? Would an email campaign provide the best response, or would they react better to a direct mail approach? Target the right person When you carry out a direct marketing campaign, it’s vital that you aren’t wasting time and money speaking to individuals that have either left the company, changed role or don’t have the authority to make a purchase. Our business data lists are not only up to date, they also contain the contact details of a senior decision maker within the company. To turn a cold call in to a warm call, integrate online and offline data An email marketing campaign followed up with a telemarketing campaign usually provides a much better prospect than a straight cold call. Because of the measurability of email, it is possible to see who opened your email and when they opened it, allowing a call to be timed whilst the communication is still fresh in the recipient’s mind. Try before you buy Don’t buy into a data list without knowing what you’re getting. Ask for a data sample so you can check the quality and accuracy. Final thoughts Whatever method of direct marketing you use, you must bear in mind that the success of your campaign depends on good planning, targeting and accurate, up-to-date data lists. Because of the large amount of direct marketing prospects receive, you have to work hard to make sure your investment doesn’t end up in the bin.

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