Aligned Assets

Aligned Assets Case Study

Since enhancing our gazetteer with 118 Information, we’ve seen a more accurate identification of business addresses for our 999 call handlers and operation crews. This has led to an average reduction in Business Incident attendance times of 30 seconds – and that can mean the difference between life and death.

The fragility of today’s economic climate has meant that businesses come and go at a faster pace than ever before. As a result, when a Fire and Rescue Service is called out to an incident, details about the business operating out of a property may not always be accurate. This will inevitably lead to an unprecedented delay in the deployment of response vehicles to the scene, the consequences of which are easy to imagine. In addition to the growing trend for short-lived pop-up shops appearing on our high streets, established businesses continually move, change names or close down, and new start-ups are born. This ebb and flow of businesses in our local cities, towns and villages can create a substantial drain on Fire and Rescue Services’ resources, as these address changes are often not recorded by the local authority or Royal Mail in good time. When there is a gap in the business-address information available, a Fire Command and Control Centre may need several people simultaneously searching the Internet for information that may or may not be correct. This was a very real challenge for the Network Fire Services Partnership (NFSP) – a collaboration between Devon & Somerset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services. Through a shared Command and Control System, the aim of this partnership was to enable a more efficient deployment of Fire and Rescue Services to an emergency call-out. However, the efficiency of reaching business emergencies in good time was being greatly tested. The NFSP were already sharing Aligned Assets’ gazetteer, Bluelight, so the move over a year ago to share and access the most accurate business data from 118 Information was a natural progression. 118 Information is the most accurate and comprehensive list of businesses actively trading in the UK, and is maintained by continued verification through direct contact with businesses. By embedding the 118 Information into the gazetteer management system to fill the gaps within the existing AddressBase Premium list (provided by Ordnance Survey), Aligned Assets were able to feed this most up-to-date business data into the NFSP’s Vision Command and Control system provided by Capita. Looking back over the past year, Stuart King, NFSP ABR Vision Lead & Fire Control System DC, reflects on what they set out to achieve: “Our key goals were about time savings. It was crucial to reduce our call handling time by accurately finding the business in the Command and Control gazetteer. We also wanted to reduce fire crews’ attendance time by being able to correctly identify and communicate the business name and address. In the past, we’d often had to rely on crews actually seeing fire and smoke to identify the location of the incident, and as we know, not all emergencies are identifiable that way. “Since enhancing our gazetteer with 118 Information, we’ve seen a more accurate identification of business addresses for our 999 call handlers and operation crews. This has led to an average reduction in Business Incident attendance times of 30 seconds – and that can mean the difference between life and death.” A second efficiency the NFSP has benefitted from has been the 90% plus reduction in requests to amend gazetteer entries from 999 calls, dropping from 10–20 per month per Fire Service to none, or the occasional one. This means the resources used to manually update the gazetteer can be better spent responding to emergency calls. This simple but innovative use of data and expertise from different sectors has led to an extra 45,000 business addresses being available to the NFSP for emergency response in the South West, leading to greater safety and security for those businesses, their employees and their customers. To find out more, contact Aligned Assets on 01483 717950. For more information, go to Source: UK Fire, published 8/8/18

Transax Merchant Services

Data Solutions Case Study

Transax Merchant Services is a well-known brand name that has been providing payment services since 1986.  They fully understand how critical data is to the success of their marketing activity and therefore their sales opportunities.  In their partnership with Market Location their requirements were fully understood and met.

Transax Merchant Services Case Study


‘TRANSAX Merchant Services’ help businesses to sell more by making it easier for their customers to pay with a wide range of secure payment acceptance services and by reducing their concerns about risk. TRANSAX process over 1.6 million payments every day on behalf of their customers with a combined annual value of over £30 billion with the service being used by more than 16,000 merchants throughout Europe in over 80,000 locations.’

The Challenge

Transax needed a monthly feed of business data that would be used for telemarketing, direct mail and email marketing campaigns.  They had used other data providers in the past but were looking for a data partner who would provide quality data, support and flexibility. When Transax first spoke to Market Location they had quite stringent requirements, for example, the data needed to be stored in such a way that it was available online and accessible in-house so that at every stage Transax had complete control.  They also wanted complete visibility of what data extract was being used and when.  Plus the ability to timetable activity which was crucial to their sales and marketing campaigns.  In addition to these essential requirements, there was also the obvious need for: High Quality Data – it needed to be as fresh and clean as possible.  Previous experience of data suppliers had not been positive with gone away rates as high as 14%. Volume of Data – Transax try to keep to a 6 month marketing cycle, only contacting their target markets twice a year as a maximum.  However they found that with previous suppliers the dwindling volume of data available meant they were actually marketing to them far more frequently.  There were also discrepancies in the data counts provided and what was delivered, making planning and execution of campaigns very difficult. Accessibility/control of the data – Transax wanted online access to the data so they could run instant (and accurate) data counts and be in control of the data extraction. With their previous supplier they could be waiting up to 5 days for an order to be processed and returned.  Each order then had to be checked to make sure the correct data had been returned as requested.  They often found there were differences in the amount of data ordered compared with what was received.  The timescales would also be very frustrating in emergency situations where a supply of data was needed the same day but could not be met.

The Solution

By working closely together with the client, Market Location were able to provide Transax with a solution that not only met but exceeded their expectations.  The prospect universe provided by Market Location fully met the brief – the right targets, the right contact details and a high standard of accuracy.  The software solution Market Location provided in the form of the ‘Bizi’ data download system gave Transax exactly what they needed – all at the click of a button. “The Market Location team even went above and beyond to ensure Bizi worked for us. They spent a lot of time with us, getting to know our business and data criteria plus the reasons behind why the criteria was so stringent, and came back with solutions and ideas to help improve and streamline our data processes.  Also setting up templates so the data is extracted in the exact order/format we need for use in the business.” 

The Results

The connectivity rate in the Transax telemarketing team increased significantly compared to previous results using competitor data solutions.  Contacting the right businesses and the appropriate decision maker first time resulted in a decrease in mail gone-aways from 14% to less than 2%.  Campaign planning and execution was improved significantly because of the access to the Bizi system that provided accurate, live data counts and downloads available instantly. “The breadth of coverage and quality of the data combined with the service and expertise we received from Market Location is a vast improvement on other data providers we’ve tried.  To reduce our gone-away rate by such a significant rate (from 14% to less than 2%), combined with exceptionally high connectivity rates using the Market Location telephone data, puts them way ahead of the competition.”

PHS Group

Data Solutions Case Study

PHS Group, one of the leading UK’s leading providers of workplace services, has been working in partnership with Market Location since 2009. With the initial scope of work focused on the matching, enhancement and refreshment of PHS customer and prospect data sets, the remit soon expanded to cover improved data integrity and accuracy.

PHS Group Case Study

About PHS Group

As the partnership developed, Market Location were able to demonstrate the ability to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that produced significant cost savings and tangible benefits to PHS marketing activities. “Today, the PHS Group provides services to over 200,000 customers at more than 450,000 locations nationwide.” said the PHS Data Control Manager

The Challenge and Solution

“With many of these customers trading with more than one of our 15 well known brands, our data landscape, as you can imagine, is quite complicated. In 2011 we embarked upon our single customer view project called ‘Columbus’. Market Location have been pivotal in supporting this initiative, and with it have provided a core stable project team, with little in the way of personnel changes, allowing some great working relationships to be formed. By taking a selection of cross system customer files and performing a complex matching routine, Market Location  are able to produce a set of output files that allows us to roll up multi site or multi divisional customers into a single top line view. This helps us identify cross divisional relationships and also opportunities within our existing customer base. The Market Location team that support us are extremely approachable and accommodating and have a good knowledge of our data landscape and subsequent requirements. We have an ongoing joint focus on improving metrics such as match rate, the amount of our data that Market Location can match to their business universe, and population of key segmentation criteria such as Sector and Employee Size. This allows us to identify the better performing areas for each of our divisions and develop a bespoke fit for purpose strategy for each.”

The Results

“Our own in-house tele-appointing teams tell me that they are very happy with the quality of data the above processes allow us to provide, commenting that the Market Location data is the best they have ever had to work with when compared to previous data cleansing and enhancement partners. Finally, since the start of our contract, our partnership has already achieved significant targets and continues to deliver significant results.”

You can visit the PHS website by clicking here.


Data Solutions Case Study

Latest Market Location Success!

N-Power select Market Location to provide their data solutions – adding to Market Location’s significant and highly successful client base

npower case study
After a rigorous tender process that spanned 3 months, Market Location are proud to announce that they are the successful B2B data supplier to NPower. Leading the team that worked on the RFQ, Matthew Bruce commented: “It was a challenging process but one that my team are well versed in and I’m very proud to announce the success of our bid.  We have the UK’s leading B2B database in terms of quality and accuracy and we are combining this with analysis and data management services – all of which provide NPower with an unbeatable suite of solutions.” Matthew added, “It wasn’t just the data capabilities though, when these were combined with our customer service and operational capability I think it’s fair to say that Market Location stood head and shoulders above the other suppliers!” Dharmesh Patel of NPower also commented: ‘’ Market Location presented their solution really well and their knowledge really came across, we were specifically impressed with the amount of work which was done on GDPR and we hope that we can tap into the knowledge base throughout the term of the contract. The team are very personable and we are confident in their ability to support the account.’’ This contract between NPower and Market Location provides another client to endorse the expertise of Market Location’s services through every aspect of the business – from the products and services right through to the operational support.