Pitney Bowes

B2B Email Marketing Case Study

See how Market Location have improved the email results for Pitney Bowes by creating a unique message that helps them stand out from their competitors.

Pitney Bowes Case Study

The Background

For 90 years Pitney Bowes has been the world’s leader in postage meters and machines. It is a highly established and competitive market saturated with promotional messaging throughout the year. The customer finds it hard to differentiate offerings and to establish a true need for the product.

The Challenge

Pitney use a number of email marketing and lead generation agencies, sending a high volume of emails consistently for 10 years. However, lead rates have dropped and the cut through into the businesses had started to decline. Our challenge was to create a market differentiator for Pitney and to ensure that the message we sent was unlike any other.

The Solution

We completely changed the creative approach. We tried to make franking machines cool and desirable and ensure that the journey from email to landing page was clean, consistent and simple. Coinciding with the rise of postage prices, the creative stood head and shoulders above any of their competitors

The Results

Open rates doubled, click rates rose 700% and lead rates increased by 800%. Pitney Bowes Case Study

The Portal Group

B2B Email Marketing Case Study

Find out how we helped The Portal Group lower their cost per lead from email marketing, by targeting our highly accurate business email data.

The Portal Group Case Study


The Portal Group of companies provide a unique range of end-to-end financial solutions and investment opportunities for businesses, professional advisors, and individual clients. Recent legislative changes created an opportunity to introduce seminars to help professionals.

The Challenge

The Portal Group were already using an email marketing database, but were looking to improve that experience in a number of areas. Critically, the data quality could not be lowered as the message was targeted at niche businesses.

The Solution

We provided dedicated support, a targeted database of equal size, instant access to view the campaign metrics and a clear campaign program.

The Results

The cost per lead was lowered and to date 1:133 businesses have enquired about the seminar. The online campaign reporting also provided clear statistics in which the campaign metrics could be measured. The Portal Group Case Study

Windsor Telecom

B2B Email Marketing Case Study

Neil Sherring, CEO of Windsor Telecom, talks to us about why they still continue to choose B2B Email Marketing from Market Location after more than 10 years.

Windsor Telecom Case Study

The Business Objectives:

Market Location proposed that we should test their B2B Email Marketing solution to meet these objectives and we’ve never looked back since.

Why Market Location?

“We chose to work with Market Location for a number of reasons, but specifically because they had a large database of business email addresses that had double opted-in to receive third party email campaigns. We also liked the fact they were a trusted UK brand and had developed their own email marketing broadcast software. By targeting The Market Location Database of Businesses we can reach a very large proportion of the UK’s SME population quickly and cost effectively.”

The Results

“On average we broadcast 120,000 emails every week. Each email campaign contains around 40,000 emails, and we complete three targeted campaigns every week. Our open rates are consistently around 15 – 20% and the campaigns produce a steady stream of new enquiries for our telesales team to follow-up. In fact, the consistency of the email service has allowed us to increase the number of emails we send, grow our company turnover and increase the number of sales people we employ.”

What specifically do you feel Market Location were able to add to your email marketing campaigns?

“Market Location are database marketing experts and this is apparent by the quality of their email database. We’ve tested other providers in the market and still come back to using them.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“In short, we continue to use the Market Location email service because it makes good business sense!”

About Windsor Telecom

Windsor Telecom is a leading UK telecoms provider. Their services include providing local and 03 UK wide phone telephone numbers, 0800 free-phone numbers, 0845 business numbers, inbound call handling and porting services Download this case study as a PDF.

Web Marketing World

B2B Email Marketing Case Study

We take a look at how Market Location have improved the email results for Web Marketing World using a test and learn methodology to drive open and click rates up

Web Marketing World Case Study

The Background:

Web Marketing World was launched in the UK in 2009, with the goal of making web marketing accessible to everyone, no matter what their budget. The Search Engine Optimisation market is highly competitive, with many suppliers offering similar services and marketing themselves heavily online using Pay-Per-Click. However, Web Marketing World have differentiated themselves from their competitors by developing a range of SEO services at a fraction of the traditional cost associated with them – perfect for SME businesses. They were looking for a new, cost effective way of marketing these services to UK business with websites, offering a free SEO website review to attract new clients and generate sales leads. Their research led them to Market Location where they found the perfect managed email solution to meet their needs, and over 1 million opt-in UK business email addresses to choose from.

The Challenge:

Web Marketing World has a small telemarketing team that they need to generate a steady flow of hot enquiries for. Weekly email marketing campaigns enable them to reach a large number of prospects quickly and cost effectively, so their sales team can focus effort on the businesses that show interest, reducing the need for cold calling.

The Solution:

The Market Location Account Manager has worked very closely with the client, using their expert email marketing knowledge, to refine the subject line to deliver a higher percentage of opens from the same volume of emails broadcast. The Account Manager has also tweaked the creative so that the free SEO review stands out more at a glance. Just making small changes to the creative, such as changing the link colour, has drastically improved the number of clicks delivered for the client.

The Results:

Since the first campaign was sent the open rate has increased by 31% (15.64% vs 20.43%) and the click rate has more than doubled (0.52% vs 1.21%). These results have generated a steady stream of hot enquiries for their sales team to follow-up and they are extremely happy with the number of new clients they have attracted as a direct result of email marketing with Market Location. Download this case study as a PDF


B2B Email Marketing Case Study

We demonstrate how we improved email click-throughs for Groupon by A/B testing their email templates and broadcasting to our accurate email database.

Groupon Case Study

The Background

Groupon is the leading, online deal of the day service and has provided consumers and business people with thousands of great offers since its inception in 2008. In the summer of 2012, Groupon wanted to run a campaign which specifically catered towards Senior Decision makers in business, promoting deals for rewarding themselves as well as their staff and colleagues.

The Challenge

Groupon needed help with finding accurate and up to date email records for Senior Decision Makers in the B2B realm. Response from recipients would be a key factor so the email template would need to cater for the B2B audience whilst still providing enough of a consumer element to attract recipients to the offers.

The Solution

We edited the creative to include a range of personalisation, additional call to actions and tested against a variety of different variations to ensure we would find the “optimal” creative. We also provided Groupon with around 700,000 opted-in and up-to-date B2B Email addresses to Senior Decision Makers.

The Results

Click rates grew from as low as 0.3% from the 1st week of mailing, to 1.2% by the 2nd. Open rates increased by 4%.