Pitney Bowes

B2B Email Marketing Case Study

See how Market Location have improved the email results for Pitney Bowes by creating a unique message that helps them stand out from their competitors.

Pitney Bowes Case Study

The Background

For 90 years Pitney Bowes has been the world’s leader in postage meters and machines. It is a highly established and competitive market saturated with promotional messaging throughout the year. The customer finds it hard to differentiate offerings and to establish a true need for the product.

The Challenge

Pitney use a number of email marketing and lead generation agencies, sending a high volume of emails consistently for 10 years. However, lead rates have dropped and the cut through into the businesses had started to decline. Our challenge was to create a market differentiator for Pitney and to ensure that the message we sent was unlike any other.

The Solution

We completely changed the creative approach. We tried to make franking machines cool and desirable and ensure that the journey from email to landing page was clean, consistent and simple. Coinciding with the rise of postage prices, the creative stood head and shoulders above any of their competitors

The Results

Open rates doubled, click rates rose 700% and lead rates increased by 800%. Pitney Bowes Case Study