B2B Email Marketing Case Study

We demonstrate how we improved email click-throughs for Groupon by A/B testing their email templates and broadcasting to our accurate email database.

Groupon Case Study

The Background

Groupon is the leading, online deal of the day service and has provided consumers and business people with thousands of great offers since its inception in 2008. In the summer of 2012, Groupon wanted to run a campaign which specifically catered towards Senior Decision makers in business, promoting deals for rewarding themselves as well as their staff and colleagues.

The Challenge

Groupon needed help with finding accurate and up to date email records for Senior Decision Makers in the B2B realm. Response from recipients would be a key factor so the email template would need to cater for the B2B audience whilst still providing enough of a consumer element to attract recipients to the offers.

The Solution

We edited the creative to include a range of personalisation, additional call to actions and tested against a variety of different variations to ensure we would find the “optimal” creative. We also provided Groupon with around 700,000 opted-in and up-to-date B2B Email addresses to Senior Decision Makers.

The Results

Click rates grew from as low as 0.3% from the 1st week of mailing, to 1.2% by the 2nd. Open rates increased by 4%.