Four Steps To Effective Lead Generation via Email

Effective Lead Generation Email can be a very powerful tool to reach prospective customers, finding new markets for your products. Here are some useful tips and techniques to add to your email marketing strategies:

1 – Tailor your content carefully

This doesn’t mean creating bespoke email content for individuals, but instead ensuring your prospect is sent information which is relevant to them. You could be offering excellent products or services, but if your prospects don’t understand the value of what you are offering to their business, they are unlikely to show interest and make an enquiry. Be sure to use your email content to inform people of the benefits your services and products specifically offer them; giving a tailored message will significantly improve your campaign response rates and your email lead generation activity will flourish.

2 – Provide value

Though generating new leads and selling products will usually be the main reasons for an email campaign, don’t forget to give your recipients other forms of value; latest developments in your industry, news from your company, informative blog posts from your website. The more good, free content you can provide, the more they are likely to open your email, click the links and ultimately buy your product; it also forms the beginning of a strong relationship with businesses you hope will eventually become regular clients.

3 – Segment your customers

If you have a large email data list you want to contact, try to segment your data into smaller segments to ensure each prospect is targeted with the most suitable email content for them.  For example, prospects could be segmented by location, size of business, financial turnover and industry.  You can then email details of the most suitable product or service for them, by looking at your existing customer base and understanding what they look like and what they buy.  By taking this step, you will make the recipient feel that they are being contacted for a good reason and are not being bombarded with irrelevant emails. Sending the right email to the right person within a company is vital for getting your message read and actioned.  Get this wrong and all your hard work will be wasted.  If you’re looking to purchase email data to contact, make sure you have the details of the Senior Decision Maker as they are most likely to be the person to decide what will be purchased.

4 – Test

Sending different email subject lines, designs and messages out to your email list is the best way to understand what works to generate response so you can maximise your ROI. Make sure this testing is carried out and recorded in a methodical way so that you can keep tabs on your results.  Try to change only one variable each time you broadcast an email, so you can attribute any increase or decrease in response to the one thing you altered. Following these four steps will assist in turning an email data list into viable leads for your sales team to follow up with a phone call or a direct mail campaign. With initial contact, your aim will be to make a strong impression and lay the groundwork for further interaction.

What you need to do:

  • Craft the content carefully: make sure the recipient understands why they’re receiving your email.
  • Give value: if you’re looking to build a lasting business relationship, do more than just sell – give them something useful for free.
  • Segment – get as specific as you can with your emailing in order to maximise conversion rates for different campaigns.
  • Test, observe the results, and refine your approach accordingly.

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