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Email Marketing Advice Businesses use email marketing because it has many benefits over other marketing channels – and it works.  In fact, recent figures from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) show email marketing has now overtaken direct mail in terms of volume.
No matter what size your business is, you can benefit from email marketing.  Here are just some of the benefits of email marketing – and key reasons why your business should be using it to generate new business:

1. It’s personal

Email offers you the opportunity to personalise your message to the recipient.  Send them emails addressing them by name and give them offers targeted to their preferences.

2. It’s quicker

Direct mail campaigns can be complex and time consuming.  They typically taking more than a month to execute and then you’ve got to wait for the post to deliver it to the customer on top. It takes far less time to plan and execute an email campaign and you get your results back almost immediately.  If you react quickly you’ll see the benefits to your business almost straight away!

3. It’s cheaper

Postage costs will make up a significant portion of the total costs associated with a direct mail campaign.  You don’t have postage costs with an email campaign and this makes it instantly much cheaper.  With response rates often higher than direct mail, email will give you a better return on your investment.

4. It’s measurable

Email campaigns are fully trackable giving you complete visibility of your results.  Being able to see exactly how many emails were delivered, opened and clicked on means you can test different campaigns and refine them to get the best response rates.

5. It helps build customer relationships

Because email communications are cheaper and easier to send, companies often use email to keep in regular contact with existing customers and this enables them to build stronger relationships with them.  Email marketing is the ideal medium to update customers with time sensitive offers and product news.

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