About Us

About Market Location and our market leading business database.

With over 40 years of experience in the database and direct marketing industry, we have developed an in-depth understanding of data requirements and sophisticated database analysis techniques.  So whether you need a bespoke data solution or simply a supply of business data for your marketing that you can trust, we have the knowledge and solutions to assist you.

What is the Market Location Database of Businesses?

Our database is an in-depth list of all the businesses that are actively trading in the UK.  Whether they are florists, solicitors, retail shops or head offices, we've spoken to them directly and secured their contact details, ready for you to make contact.

All businesses undergo change - location, personnel, contacts etc - so overtime a list of businesses will get out of date.  At Market Location each business on our database is contacted regularly to keep abreast of any changes - and make the appropriate amendments.  In fact we phone our database more often than any other data provider - twice as fast in fact! This ensures we can provide accurate names and addresses, and the correct details of the key decision makers our clients need to speak to.

Our database is now widely recognised as the most up to date and accurate telephone researched database in the UK, with approximately:

  • 2 million UK businesses
  • 2 million decision maker contact names
  • 1 million opt-in email addresses
How do we update and maintain our database?

The most effective way to obtain information about a business is to phone them up and ask.  We do that 10,000 times a day...every day.  We check all the information about that business including the name and address, number of staff, what sort of premises and contact details including the web site and email address.

Every business gets a call from us at least once a year and more often if we suspect something has changed. This means we don't just start at abattoirs in January and work our way through to zoos in December, we apply intelligence and prioritise contacting businesses that are more likely to have experienced change.

Our business data is also exposed to a multitude of online directories as well as being used for directory enquiries, so it is interrogated more than 10 million times a day. This means we soon find out if a business listing is inaccurate and we can schedule a call to update it within 24 hours.

In total half a million updates are made every month and 300,000 records are retired every year.  This means that a business database degrades by at least 20% a year, highlighting the importance of ongoing updating and maintenance.

What fields do we hold on our business database?

Our business database provides a wide variety of criteria for targeting, including:

  • Geography – town, county, postcode
  • Business Activity - market sector or SIC code
  • Number of Employees
  • Senior Decision Maker contact names
  • Email Addresses
  • Business Turnover
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